Team project support

Big projects are done by strong teams. However finding and keeping a big and skilled team is difficult and expensive.
Here at Looi we do have that dream team. Our designers, programmers, testers, project managers, art directors and lawyers are ready to work on your project as on their own.

Main advantages of working with us:

advantage Less costs

You don’t have to take us on the staff, feed us. We never take vacations. And you won’t have to fire us. We save your taxes and at the end of the day we turn out to be cheaper than the staff at your company.

advantage More safety

МWe know how to keep our clients secrets and the first thing we do is to sign an NDA. You will never see our mockups and code in an other project. We always write proper documentations and provide everything we have done to our clients.

advantage Smart and responsible

We dive into the project and get the meaning of everything at once. We are in tune for longterm relations and friendship with our clients. You won’t have to rush us or control us.

advantage We plan our work

We start working on Mondays. First thing we do is to discuss with you all tasks for the week. And six days after we show you the results. We use SCRUM for work.

advantage Flexible budget

You want us to get faster and more powerful? No problems with that. We add immediately more specialists to the project. You want to save money? Also no problems. We trim ur team to the minimum.

advantage We check hypotheses

We are very useful for start ups and businesses who would like to check any business solutions. We do all the job and come back to you with a result.

Teams and prices

We have different teams for all kinds of different projects.
8.000 monthly
100 work hours

Design, layout and testing
of a landing page
in just seven days.


project manager


HTML coder

3.400 monthly
40 work hours

In one week they
can create a simple page,
or they can layout a website
and test it.




HTML coder
project manager

15.000 monthly
200 work hours

This team of developers
will get any project done
in 2-3 months. No matter
how big or difficult
the project is.


project manager, art-director,
CTO, projector, HTML coder,
tester, back-end developer,
front-end developer



We start working on Mondays. First we discuss all the tasks for the week.
And after six days we discuss the results. We use SCRUM for work Show works